Monday, April 10, 2023

4MLinux 42.0 STABLE released.

4MLinux 42.0

The status of the 4MLinux 42.0 series has been changed to STABLE. Edit your documents with LibreOffice 7.5.2 and GNOME Office (AbiWord 3.0.5, GIMP 2.10.34, Gnumeric 1.12.55), surf the Internet with Firefox 111.0 and Chromium 106.0.5249.91, send emails via Thunderbird 102.8.0, enjoy your music collection with Audacious 4.3, watch your favorite videos with VLC 3.0.18 and SMPlayer 22.7.0, play games powered by Mesa 22.2.3 and Wine 8.3. You can also setup the 4MLinux LAMP Server (Linux 6.1.10, Apache 2.4.56, MariaDB 10.6.12, PHP 5.6.40, PHP 7.4.33, and PHP 8.1.17.). Perl 5.36.0, Python 2.7.18, Python 3.10.8, and Ruby 3.1.3 are also available.

As always, the new major release has some new features. Krita (raster graphics editor) and Hex-a-Hop (video game) have been added as downloadable extensions. 4MLinux 42.0 comes with improved support for many image, audio and video formats. AlsaPlayer, Baka MPlayer, GNOME MPlayer, GNOME MPV, mp3blaster are now available out of the box. Big work has been done to adopt famous (but quite old) XMMS as a default media player in 4MLinux, which is able to open modern audio and video files (support for MOD and MIDI music is also included). One can also download a rich set of XMMS skins with one click.

List of packages: 


  1. I would have given 4MLinux a try, but there is no link to download the iso on the linked page, and when I went to, I could not find it.

  2. The link is the generic address for SourceForge website. You would have to search in the search box for '4Mlinux'. However the direct link to download is -

  3. Augustus, Thank you for that link. Now I feel ignorant, but fortunately, ignorance can be overcome with education. :)

    To all,
    I downloaded 4Mlinux. I was able to run it in VirtualBox on my Windows OS, and run the installer, but when I rebooted 4M, it did not successfully load, so while I was able to try it out in a VM, I won't try installing it to bare metal any time soon. I'll have to see it successfully install to a VM first.


  4. Unfortunately, you’re inflating the distribution a lot... ideally it should reach, on a 700 MB CD. Now with the "appimage", the person downloads the LibreOffice and dozens of essential programs!

  5. I downloaded version 42 (stable?). I was apparently able to install it in Virtual Box, but when I rebooted after the installer said installation was complete, I got a shell session and was not able to find a way to boot to the installed system. I won't try this distribution out again. I usually allow three strikes until I call the distro 'out', but since I couldn't even see the installed distribution in action on my VM, I'm done.


    1. Ernie, the release 34 is the better... I tested in many hardware and it's going to fly installed.
      > Older PC 2006 -> BIOS
      > Lenovo 2013 -> UEFI