Saturday, November 25, 2017

4MLinux 24.0 BETA released.

Default desktop in 4MLinux 24.0

4MLinux 24.0 BETA is ready for testing. Basically, at this stage of development, 4MLinux BETA has the same features as 4MLinux STABLE, but it provides a huge number of updated packages, including a major change in the core of the system, which now uses the GNU Compiler Collection 7.1.0.

Development Plan: 
November 2017 -> BETA
March 2018 -> STABLE
July 2018 -> OLD STABLE
November 2018 -> EOL

List of packages:

Download link:

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TheSSS 23.1 available for download.

TheSSS 23.1

This is a minor (point) release based on the 4MLinux Server 23.1, meaning that the components of the LAMP server are now: Linux 4.9.61, Apache 2.4.29, MariaDB 10.2.10, and PHP (both 5.6.32 and 7.0.25). The following server software has also been updated: OpenSSL (1.0.2m), Postfix (3.2.4) and Stunnel (5.43).

You can update your TheSSS by executing the "zk update" command (fully automatic process).



Sunday, November 12, 2017

4MLinux 24.0 Core BETA released.

4MLinux 24.0 Core running in VirtualBox

This is a core system (only about 10 MB in size) for the 4MLinux 24 series. The system includes: the Linux kernel 4.9.52, GNU C Library 2.25, and BusyBox 1.27.2. The 4MLinux 24 series uses GNU Compiler Collection 7.1.0 to compile programs designed for the i686 architecture.

Despite its extremely small size, 4MLinux Core supports all possible boot options: BIOS with 32-bit CPU, BIOS with 64-bit CPU, UEFI with 32-bit firmware, and UEFI with 64-bit firmware.

Download link:

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Problem with automatic updates.

The problem was reported here:

This bug is related to the LILO boot loader and it may affect all users trying to update the 4MLinux 22 series by executing the "zk update" command.

When the update is over, execute the "lilo" command and reboot your machine. After rebooting everything should work fine.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

4MLinux 22 is now OLD STABLE.

The status of the 4MLinux 22 series has been changed to OLD STABLE. All users must update before March 2018 (EOL).

4MLinux 21 reaches its EOL.

The status of the 4MLinux 21 series has been changed to UNSUPPORTED. All users must update ASAP.

4MLinux 23.0 STABLE released.

 4MLinux 23.0

The status of the 4MLinux 23.0 series has been changed to STABLE. Create your own images with GIMP 2.8.22, edit your documents with LibreOffice and GNOME Office (AbiWord 3.0.2 with Gnumeric 1.12.35), share your files using DropBox 37.4.29, surf the Internet with Firefox 56.0 and Chromium 61.0.3163.100, stay in touch with your friends via Skype and Thunderbird 52.4.0, enjoy your music collection with Audacious 3.9, watch your favorite videos with MPlayer SVN-r37931 and VLC 2.2.6, play games powered by Mesa 17.0.4 and Wine 2.19. You can also setup the 4MLinux LAMP Server (Linux 4.9.52, Apache 2.4.28, MariaDB 10.2.9, PHP 5.6.31 and PHP 7.0.24). Perl 5.24.1 and Python 2.7.13 are also available. 

4MLinux 23.0 comes with much improved support for FAAC, GIF, JPEG 2000, Monkey's Audio and Musepack file formats. GNOME Office (AbiWord with Gnumeric) has been added as a downloadable extension. Full support for SCSI, RAID and LVM devices is now available out of the box. And finally, the biggest change is related to the installation script, which now makes it possible to install 4MLinux on ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS, Btrfs, and NILFS2 partitions.

List of packages: 

Download link: