Sunday, June 2, 2019

4MLinux 29.0 STABLE released.

 4MLinux 29.0

The status of the‭ ‬4MLinux‭ ‬29.0‭ ‬series has been changed to STABLE.‭ ‬Edit your documents with LibreOffice‭ ‬‭ ‬and GNOME Office‭ (‬AbiWord‭ ‬3.0.2,‭ ‬GIMP‭ ‬2.10.10,‭ ‬Gnumeric‭ ‬1.12.44‭)‬,‭ ‬share your files using DropBox‭ ‬73.4.118,‭ ‬surf the Internet with Firefox‭ ‬66.0.5‭ ‬and Chromium‭ ‬74.0.3729.108,‭ ‬send emails via Thunderbird‭ ‬60.7.0,‭ ‬enjoy your music collection with Audacious‭ ‬3.10.1,‭ ‬watch your favorite videos with VLC‭ ‬3.0.6‭ ‬and mpv‭ ‬0.29.1,‭ ‬play games powered by Mesa‭ ‬18.3.1‭ ‬and Wine‭ ‬4.7.‭ ‬You can also setup the‭ ‬4MLinux LAMP Server‭ (‬Linux‭ ‬4.19.41,‭ ‬Apache‭ ‬2.4.39,‭ ‬MariaDB‭ ‬10.3.14,‭ ‬PHP‭ ‬5.6.40‭ ‬and PHP‭ ‬7.3.5‭)‬.‭ ‬Perl‭ ‬5.28.1,‭ ‬Python‭ ‬2.7.15,‭ ‬and Python‭ ‬3.7.1‭ ‬are also available.‭

‬As always,‭ ‬the new major release has some new features:‭ Audacious available out of the box,  a new desktop ‬sub-menu called “Office” ‭(‬with AbiWord, Gnumeric, LazPaint‭)‬,‭ spellcheck functionality added to Sylpheed and HexChat,  improved LibreOffice installation script,  better support for MINIX file system (via ‬util-linux‭ and GParted)‬,‭ much improved ‬3D acceleration in Quake2. And finally, the 4MServer now includes PHP 7.3 with NaCl cryptography support.
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  1. Most wanted: "Hands on 4MServer for dummies". Hope dies last.