Thursday, June 30, 2022

BakAndImgCD 40.0 released.

BakAndImgCD 40.0

BakAndImgCD is an official 4MLinux fork, which has been designed to perform the following two tasks: data backup and disk imaging. The 4MLinux Backup Scripts make use of FSArchiver, GNU ddrescue, Partclone, Partimage, rsync, and other utilities. The output files (archives and images) can be optionally compressed and sent to a remote sever (using Ethernet, WiFi, PPP or PPPoE). This release is based on the 4MLinux Backup Scripts 40.0. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Antivirus Live CD 40.0-0.105.0 released.

Antivirus Live CD 40.0-0.105.0

Antivirus Live CD is an official 4MLinux fork including the ClamAV scanner. It's designed for users who need a lightweight live CD, which will help them to protect their computers against viruses. The latest version 40.0-0.105.0 is based on 4MLinux 40.0 BETA and ClamAV 0.105.0.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

4MLinux 39.1 released.

4MServer 39.1
This is a minor (point) release in the 4MLinux STABLE channel, which comes with the Linux kernel 5.16.20. The 4MLinux Server now includes Apache 2.4.53, MariaDB 10.7.4, and PHP 7.4.29 (see this post for more details).
You can update your 4MLinux by executing the "zk update" command in your terminal (fully automatic process).



Saturday, May 28, 2022

TheSSS 39.1 released.

Postfix in TheSSS 39.1
This is a minor (point) release based on the 4MLinux Server 39.1, meaning that the components of the LAMP server are now: Linux 5.16.20, Apache 2.4.53, MariaDB 10.7.4, and PHP (both 5.6.40 and 7.4.29). 

You can update your TheSSS by executing the "zk update" command (fully automatic process).

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

4MLinux 40.0 BETA released.

4MLinux 40.0

4MLinux 40.0 BETA is ready for testing. Basically, at this stage of development, 4MLinux BETA has the same features as 4MLinux STABLE, but it provides a huge number of updated packages.

Road map: 
April 2022 -> BETA
July 2022 -> STABLE
November 2022 -> OLD STABLE
March 2023 -> EOL


Saturday, April 30, 2022

4MLinux 40.0 Core BETA released.

4MLinux 40.0 Core running in VirtualBox

This is a core system (only about 15 MB in size) for the 4MLinux 40 series. The system includes: the Linux kernel 5.16.14, GNU C Library 2.35, and BusyBox 1.34.1. The 4MLinux 40 series uses GNU Compiler Collection 11.2.0 to compile programs designed for the x86_64 architecture.

Despite its extremely small size, 4MLinux Core supports both BIOS and UEFI boot modes.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

4MLinux 39.0 STABLE released.

4MLinux 39.0

The status of the 4MLinux 39.0 series has been changed to STABLE. Edit your documents with LibreOffice 7.3.1 and GNOME Office (AbiWord 3.0.5, GIMP 2.10.30, Gnumeric 1.12.51), share your files using DropBox 143.4.4161, surf the Internet with Firefox 97.0.1 and Chromium 98.0.4758, send emails via Thunderbird 91.6.1, enjoy your music collection with Audacious 4.1, watch your favorite videos with VLC 3.0.16 and mpv 0.34.0, play games powered by Mesa 21.3.7 and Wine 7.4. You can also setup the 4MLinux LAMP Server (Linux 5.16.14, Apache 2.4.53, MariaDB 10.7.3, PHP 5.6.40 and PHP 7.4.28). Perl 5.34.0, Python 2.7.18, and Python 3.9.9 are also available.
As always, the new major release has some new features. FSP (File Service Protocol) server is now included out of the box  (gFTP can be used as its GUI client). Many system-wide changes has been done to improve font rendering. The 4MLinux installation script has been patched to provide better handling of JBD partitions. New applications available as downloadable extensions: Bluefish (advanced text editor), Ventoy (utility used for writing image files), TripleA (strategy game written in Java). And finally, youtube-dl has been replaced with yt-dlp for better handling of YouTube videos.

List of packages: